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Received Awards

Received Awards

A quick tour of the most important competitions

A year that saw Ronco dei Pini participate in a few international competitions and events due to some vintages that we decided not to produce. In any case, we have received excellent results from milestones in the wine world such as Decanter World Wine Awards, Vini Buoni D’Italia, WOW Civiltà del Bere, The Wine Hunter Award just to mention a few and we are still waiting for answers from some guides.

To mention a few, Vini Buoni d’Italia for the 2023 Guide awarded our lively Ribolla Gialla Spumantizzata “Tre Lune” 2021 and our fruity Friulano 2021 with 4 stars for the category of wines from native vines. A rain of silver medals came to us from Decanter, a global competition that we don’t even need to present as an emblem of excellent wines from all over the world (the wines tasted by the best international wine experts, Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers) where we have chosen to present our white wines: Sauvignon 2021 and Ribolla Gialla Ferma “L’Imperatore” 2020. For our Pinot Grigio 2020, among the various awards, we would like to mention the “Rosso” taken from “The Wine Hunter”, an award that few deserving wines can boast, in short, we are happy that the various Ronco dei Pini wines always get noticed in the various major events!

We have worked hard to be able to offer special vintages in this upcoming 2023… are you at least as curious as we are? Stay tuned!!