Back to the past for an innovative future!

Back to the past for an innovative future!

Did you know that since 2013 the method of vinification in amphora has been listed by UNESCO as “Intangible Heritage of Humanity” ?

Novello Wines loves to experiment because we think that is the only way to increase the experience and evolve in the vinification techniques. Our oenologist had the occasion to test the fascinating technique of vinification with the amphoras during his experience in Bordeaux, homeland of the barriques, yet you can see a partial conversion from barriques to amphoras, using them both for red and white wines. This experience left him enthusiast with regards to the capacity of the amphoras to evolve the wines through the micro-oxigenation without leaving the wood aromas.


Let find it out in 5 cardinal points:

  • The porosity of terracotta gives a micro-oxigenation to the wines accelerating the evolution process for the wines that require a long time to complete their structure resulting enjoyable (for example our Schioppettino di Prepotto Ronco dei Pini or the Ribolla Gialla Ferma “L’Imperatore”)
  • The hermetic and insulation qualities of terracotta, let unaltered the physical and chemical features of the wine.
  • Terracotta does not release aromas (as it happens with the wood of the barriques) keeping the varietal identity and allowing the wines to represent at their best, the territory of origin.
  • This material prevents the reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms that live on the skins such as brettanomiyces which are detrimental for the organoleptic profile of the wine.
  • As History shows us through the discovery of tools made with terracotta found in perfect conditions after thousands years, this container is eternal (even if it must be handled with care) unlikely wood that after a while has to be substituted.

It seems that the return to the use of the amphora is a trend .. while it is a return to the origins with a view on the eco-sustainability for the future and the production of unique wines to revaluate taste and fragrances of the handmade wines of the past.

Other curiosities of this ancient container: amphoras used to have a pointed bottom so they could be fixed in the sand or in the specific holes in the hold of the ship allowing a safe transport without any breakage. As a proof of the incredible functionality of this material, we have to mention that the amphoras were frequently buried underground (even underwater!) to hide them during invasions.. and were found amphoras with wine well preserved after thousands of years.

In conclusion, the amphora is an exceptional vessel, but for a wine to have character, it is essential the touch of the producer during the fermentation and maceration phases, the choice of the temperature and much more to emphasize aromas, appearance and final tasting of the wine.. because it is known, wine is characterized by the touch of its creator .. and at Novello Wines we love leaving a unique signature.. you are eager to know something more, aren’t you? It will be our pleasure to share our projects with you in front of a great glass of wine Ronco dei Pini!!