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True connoisseurs do not drink wine. They taste secrets.

Prepotto, land whose grapes have unmistakable characteristics in the

DOC Friuli Colli Orientali,

where aromas stand out for the particular microclimate determined by important temperature variations: here Novello Wines produces its wines.

The Novello family

The Novello family hand-picked the 11 ha of cappuccina vineyards to ensure the best possible selection of grapes from which derive high quality wines: from the oldest vineyards the grapes destined to the brand “Ronco dei Pini” and from the youngest vineyards will be produced the “Terre di Ponca”.

“The earth is everything, and the wine its synthesis”.

Our wines

Among the most known autochthonous wines of this territory,

Schioppettino di Prepotto

Its name ”Schioppettino” derives from the ancient Friulian name, “Scopp“, which means ”to explode” so the grape’s name may refer to an explotion of flavour to be traced to its crunchy berries if placed in the mouth or a propensity for the wine to referment and explode in the bottle in earlier days.

The Ribolla Gialla Spumantizzata “Tre Lune”: the Ribolla Gialla takes its name from a curious fact: in the past, due to the massive presence of malic acid, the grape literally boiled during maceration. Today, with the vinification at controlled temperature, this phenomenon no longer occurs.

Our brands


Majestic red wines that love to be waited by resting in French oak barrels to accompany us on any special occasion, elegant white wines with enveloping scents to enhance light dishes and appetizers and finally lively bubbles to brighten up evenings with friends. A journey through the typical flavors of Friuli through local wines and classic wines.

Our brands


Ideal wines to add conviviality to everyday moments and make them extraordinary.
The re-interpretation of the most classic grape varieties in the version of “made in Friuli” wines, the unique bouquet of a fresh wine that does not stay on the shelf for long because there is always a reason to uncork.

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